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Live technicians that complete diagnostic work remotely.


  • Easy to use

    Plug the OBD cable into the vehicle, select the vehicle and speak to a technician to complete the work.

  • No update costs

    Everything is updated & combined in the cloud.

  • Cloud based

    No complicated installs or updates. Just a simple install of our UCAR app runs everything.

  • Low cost

    No modules. Only an UCAR Cable, compatible tablet and free UCAR app is required.

  • Hybrid of diagnostic tools

    A combination of diagnostic solutions makes UCAR the hybrid of diagnostic tools.

  • Live technician

    A live technician completes your diagnostic work, leaving the job stress-free for you!


Key programming

Our skilled auto locksmiths can programme car keys remotely using a combination of tools to make sure the job gets completed.

Pull PIN Codes

Fed up of waiting for PIN codes to come back from the dealer? UCAR can now pull a number of PIN codes directly via the OBD.

Diagnose faults

Having an issue completing diagnostic programming yourself? Our team can use a combination of machines to find the fault and complete the job for you.

Other functions

UCAR doesn't just stop at key programming. Our team have completed a number of adhoc tasks such as tow bar programming, BSI remote change configurations & electronic steering lock programming.


The UCARDIAGNOSE interface is used to establish a remote connection to the vehicle (OBD Socket), which means that the vehicle itself stays right where it is; in the workshop or at the side of road. The remote communication between the vehicle and the UCARDIAGNOSE specialist takes place entirely via WiFi or your 3G/4G network. As soon as the connection to the vehicle has been established, the UCARDIAGNOSE app will open automatically.As communication is taking place, the quality of the connection is measured in order to prevent problems occurring. Other elements, such as the on-board voltage of the vehicle itself are also carefully recorded. Whilst an UCARDIAGNOSE specialist is carrying out his work remotely, the mechanic can take care of another task. In certain situations however, a mechanic must be on stand-by in order to carry out any physical tasks such as turning the ignition on, for example. Whenever necessary, a message will appear in the app, telling the mechanic what needs to be done.

  • JOB




500,00 kr

Access to live technician 9-5PM Mon-Fri
Price based on 12 Months Subscription kr19.99 on 6 month contracts
Subscription no long required to use an UCAR cable
Subscription gives discount on ticket prices

Package 2

Package 2

5000,00 kr

OBD Cable
With or without 12 month subscription
Tablet Not Included
(OTG compatible Android 4.4+ tablet required)

Download our app

The services are designed for the automotive mechanics. It is very easy to get started. You purchase the UCAR remote tool with a subscription. You then download the UCAR app on Play Store.

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